New West Haven is upgrading its website

New West Haven is updating and improving it’s website.

We have big plans for integrating Social Media features that will allow users and potential users to login with their Social accounts as well as track, like, tweet, share easily.  As well adding quality content relevant to our users,  customers, customer’s friends and family, and anyone else.   Please feel free to comment and add suggestions or thoughts.

The New West Haven website is also planning on a regular newsletter to keep its friends and users updated with what is going on in the area as well as topics we think might be useful.  The Newsletter should be coming out shortly.   We will try to keep copies of older Newsletters available just in case you missed something and want to look it up.  We will do that on our Newsletter Page.

We are also planning on expanding our “Resources Page” to list useful people, groups, services, etc. that might be relevant to our users/subscribers.   This is where we could really use some help.  If you know of any resources that you believe are relevant and you can recommend personally  PLEASE do.  Over time we would like to build our “Resources Page” to reflect what we, our clients, and our users agree are the BEST.  To know that we need to hear from you.



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