About Us

Our mission is to enhance our residents and their families quality of life. To provide the most flexible and affordable senior care solutions for the community, New West Haven offers a variety of programs. In addition to our full-time assisted living program, we offer adult day care, short-term 24 hour respite care, transportation services, care planning, and hospice services via our partnerships with various hospice care providers.

Our Philosophy

New West Haven offers boutique care programs designed around Eden Alternative principles.  We pride ourselves on offering a warm and supportive, family-style living environment. We continuously strive for excellence in creating a gathering place where families can come to connect, share, love and grow. Every day, we closely monitor our efforts in many ways. To say that we monitor our operational excellence hour by hour is no exaggeration – we do. Our residents, and their families, are in a special time of their lives. We understand that New West Haven needs to be a special place. So to that end, our goal is simple – to create a positive atmosphere. It’s a simple goal, but to achieve it, everything has to be working.  We go to great lengths to ensure that we only hire the best staff, keep our activities fresh, fun and engaging, prepare tasty, high quality meals, and deliver top quality care and customer service to our residents and their families. We have created an atmosphere that you can feel when you walk in and we invite you to join us in helping make it grow.


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