New West Haven Attends the Capital Airshow

The Residents of New West Haven attend the Capital Airshow



2014-09-06 22.42.09

Saturday was spent out in the sunshine at the Capital Air Show.  We got all set up with our shade structure just as the planes started to fly in front of us. Little did we know at the time that we parked ourselves right in front of all the action.  Hamburgers, hot dogs and cheese steaks were enjoyed b2014-09-06 23.23.02y all.  With all there was to see and do, our group was very content to sit in the shade and let the action come to us. All tuckered out by three o’clock, we hit the road to come back home and relax.  We had a great time and can’t wait until next year’s show!


2014-09-07 00.16.35


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New West Haven Visits High-Hand Nursery – Loomis

High-Hand Nursery in Loomis is a Big Hit with New West Haven Community

On Sept. 2, 2014, some of the staff and residents from New West Haven enjoyed an outing at High-Hand Nursery.  All enjoyed lunch at the High Hand Café, which shares the same grounds as the nursery. We strolled through the nursery and shops and even captured a few great pictures. We highly recommend that if you have not checked this place out, you do – it is simply beautiful!

2014-09-02 22.35.45 2014-09-02 21.21.06


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More Cousins Than You Imagined In Your World Family Tree.

This is an amazing site that uses Wiki tactics and the collaborative power of social networks to:

• Build a shared family tree and discover new branches
• Share family photos and videos
• Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events

Check it out at:

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California Supreme Court rules Caregivers can’t sue Alzheimer’s patients.

SAN FRANCISCO – People with Alzheimer’s disease are not liable for injuries they may cause their paid in-home caregivers, California’s highest court ruled Monday in a case involving a home health aide who was hurt while trying to restrain a client.

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If you can run for 5 minutes a day, you may add years to your life.

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Crab Feed to Benefit the Cameron Park Firefighters Association

Crab Feed



Dinner, Dancing, & Raffle Prizes!

DATE: Saturday March 8th, 2014

LOCATION: Church of the Foothills 2380 Merrychase Dr, Cameron Park

TIME: 5:00 PM

PRICE: $45.00

Tickets available at station 89, 3200 Country Club Dr, Cameron Park. (530) 677-6190

All proceeds go directly to the CPFA to help purchase equipment to better serve the community.


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New West Haven Assisted Living Sponsors a free Valentine’s Day Donut Social at the Cameron Park Community Center!

FREE Valentine’s Day Donut Social

New West Haven Assisted Living is proud to sponsor a Valentine’s Day Donut Social at the Cameron Park Community Center! Choose from donuts, muffins, fruit, coffee, tea and juices. Enjoy a day full of new and old friends, delicious snacks and beverages, and activities like shuffleboard, mini golf, BINGO and putting greens.

Contact the Cameron Park Community Services District at: 530-677-2231 or email CPCSD
2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park, CA 95682 (Google Map)

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Tax Deductibility Of Long-Term Care Services & Assisted Living


Well it is that time of year again and many of our clients are inquiring about the tax deductibility of assisted living expenses. Although we are not tax advisors, below is an article and a local resource that you may find helpful.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) gave rise to the favorable tax provisions relating to long-term care services as an incentive for individuals to take financial responsibility for their long-term care needs. These incentives broadened the medical expense deduction on Schedule A to include unreimbursed expenses for qualified long-term care services.

Qualified long-term care services are deductible from gross income as an itemized deduction to the extent the taxpayer’s total of unreimbursed medical expenses exceeds 10% of adjusted gross income.

Qualified long-term care services means necessary diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, curing, treating, mitigating and rehabilitative services, and maintenance or personal care services that are required by a chronically ill individual and that are provided pursuant to a plan of care prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner.

A chronically ill individual as defined by the Committee Report is an individual who has been certified within the previous 12 months by a licensed health care practitioner as (1) being unable to perform (without substantial assistance) at least two activities of daily living (ADL) for at least 90 days due to a loss of functional capacity; (2) having a similar level of disability as determined under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or (3) requiring substantial supervision to protect such individual from threats to health and safety due to severe cognitive impairment. Activities of daily living (ADL) are eating, toileting, transferring, bathing, dressing and continence.

A licensed health care practitioner is a physician (as defined in Sec. 1861(r)(l) of the Social Security Act) and any registered professional nurse, licensed social worker or other individual who meets such requirements as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The HIPPA Act cleared up many of the uncertainties as to whether various expenditures for home care qualified for the medical expense deduction. Now, qualified long-term care services include maintenance or personal care services.

Maintenance and personal care services are defined as care for which its primary purpose is providing a chronically ill individual with needed assistance with his or her disabilities (including protection from threats to health and safety due to severe cognitive impairment).

These services include meal preparation, household cleaning, and similar services that a chronically ill person is unable to perform. The services do not have to be performed in a nursing home, nor must they be performed by a licensed medical professional. As long as the services are provided under a plan of care prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner, the cost of an attendant to assist a chronically ill person in his or her daily living activities qualifies.

The Committee Report further clarifies that those individuals who are physically able but have a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease or another form of irreversible loss of mental capacity is treated similarly to an individual who is unable to perform (without substantial assistance) at least 2 activities of daily living.

Because eligibility for the medical expense deduction should not be diagnosis driven, the provision requires the cognitive impairment must be severe. Severe cognitive impairment means a deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity measured by clinical evidence and tests. These tests should reliably measure impairment in short or long term memory; orientation to people, place and/or time; and deductive or abstract reasoning. In addition, it is intended that such deterioration or loss place the individual in jeopardy of harming self or others and, therefore, require substantial supervision by another individual.

In the past, amounts paid to nursing homes qualified as medical expenses only if medical care was the principle reason for the stay, or if not the principle reason, only that part of the cost of care attributable to medical care qualified (not meals and lodging) (Reg.1.213-1(e)(1)(v). The enactment of Internal Revenue Code Sec. 213(d)(1) included qualified long-term care within the definition of “medical care”. This means that amounts paid to nursing homes as well as other long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities can qualify as medical expenses. Provided the person meets either the activities of daily living (ADL) or cognitive impairment requirements and the costs are pursuant to a plan of care prescribed by a health care practitioner, the amounts paid will qualify as medical expenses.

For residents that are not chronically ill, fees paid to retirement communities and assisted living facilities are deductible as medical expenses to the extent they are attributable to medical care. The deduction applies to entrance or initiation fees if a portion of the fee is attributable to providing medical services. The facility is responsible for determining the portion of fees allocated to medical care and should provide this information to the residents annually.

Reg. 1.213-1(e)(v) provides for determining the extent to which expenses for care in an institution other than a hospital constitute

medical care. It has not been revised since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) was created. The interpretation above is based on our reading of the law and the Congressional Conference Committee Reports. Any resident or potential resident should always be advised to check with his or her income tax advisor.

If you have any questions, please contact Sam Hoppe, CPA.

Weston & Tuttle Wealth Advisors, LLC

3420 Coach Ln Ste 11

Cameron Park, CA 95682

530-672-6289  Fax: 530-676-2383


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Introducing Senior Shuttle!

New West Haven is now offering transportation services for seniors within El Dorado County. With busy schedules and unpredictable doctor and dentist waiting room times it may not be practical to drive your loved one to and from medical appointments. Now seniors within El Dorado County may schedule transport assistance from us. Our drivers are held to the same high standards you have come to expect and are fingerprint cleared and specially trained to assist seniors. For more information and rates, please contact Carrie Walter, or 530-677-2979 ext. 305.

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The Latest from New West Haven.


New West Haven
New West Haven - El Dorado County's Premier Assisted Living & Adult Day Program.

The Latest From the New West Haven Community.

September, 2013

Get Ready for the 2013 Family Social!

It’s official, with the passing of Labor Day and the starting of school, summer vacation is officially over. But we hope you saved some festive spirit for our annual Family Social that will be held on Friday, September 20th beginning at 4PM. Dinner will be served at 5PM. All are invited including kids and grandchildren (yes, the bounce house will be there). In preparation, we are hosting a wine and cheese tasting event on Saturday, September 7th from 2-4PM. Red and white wine selections are from some of the top vintners in South Africa’s Cape Town region. Space is limited so please RSVP by Friday, September 6th.

NFL Sundays at New West Haven

We are making Sunday’s special. If you enjoy watching football, why not swing by and watch it with someone special. During the season, we will be firing up the smoker, throwing tasty treats on the barbecue and rolling out classic tailgate treats (including complimentary beer and wine) every Sunday.

Educational Opportunities

The El Dorado County Commission on Aging, in collaboration with the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, is offering a free training series for seniors entitled “Boomer Ed 101”.  The training will be held on three Monday nights (September 16, 23 & 30) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the El Dorado Hills Senior Center located at 990 Lassen Lane in El Dorado Hills.

The training is targeted for people born between the years of 1948 to 1953, and will focus on several key topics: Medicare (including coverage, benefits, group and private health plans, Parts A, B, C and D); Social Security (when to claim, how it relates to Medicare, etc.); Veteran’s issues and more.  Guest speakers will include representatives from the Social Security Administration, the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (Medicare counselors) and El Dorado County Veteran’s services. The deadline to register is September 9. A donation of $15 per person or $20 per couple is requested for the class series.  Refreshments will be served. For more information about the training, including how to register, please contact the El Dorado Hills Senior Center at (916) 358-3575.

Post Your Event, Announcement or Resource
We would love your collaboration as well. To share anything senior related that you find interesting please let us know.


September, 2013

9/4     Donut Social
9/7     Wine and Cheese Tasting
9/13   CP Lake Picnic
9/18   Fall into Reading (Library)
9/20  Family Social
9/26  Red Hawk Casino

For more info please contact

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