Respite Care

“Respite Care” is short term, 24 hour care – think of it like a hotel. Our program is designed to provide temporary housing for seniors in need of full time care and supervision. It is an ideal solution for primary caregivers who are going out of town or just need a break from their role as primary caregiver.

How It Works

Because we provide licensed care, prospective new respite clients need to be evaluated to make sure they are a fit for our program and will need to complete a physician’s report that needs to be completed by the senior’s primary care physician. This can generally be accomplished in just a few days. Once a client is in our system, simply call ahead and make a reservation whenever you need it.

Benefits of Respite Care

In addition to the flexibility and the convenience that the program provides family members, seniors using the program benefit by getting to sample our assisted living program before moving in on a full time basis (if that is goal). Respite allows your family member to get to know our friendly staff, meet other seniors and make friends before moving in which leads to a much smoother transition process that reduces stress for your whole family. Learn more.



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